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Active in the antiques sector since 1964 and established as an expert driven by a constant exploratory tension, Giorgio Baratti founded his own gallery of ancient art in 1982.

Located in the heart of Milan, over the years the gallery has seen a significant expansion of its artistic proposals and exhibition layouts, taking on a prominent role in the panorama of national and international collecting.
Attentive to diversifying the offer to provide antiques enthusiasts with a vast choice of works of art and ancient objects, the selection curated by Giorgio Baratti Antiquario is aimed both at the demanding collector and at the potential buyer who has a cultural interest in antiquity .
The proposed collection focuses largely on ancient paintings executed by Italian or foreign artists : the works, many of which are unpublished, mainly represent subjects of sacred, profane and mythological themes. There are also numerous portraits, still lifes and views.

In addition to paintings, the gallery houses High Period sculptures (in marble, metal or wood) and furniture from the 16th to 18th centuries . Although the furnishings selected and proposed are different by period and geographical area, the rare Renaissance furniture deserves particular mention. The gallery is currently located in the prestigious Palazzo Bigli Ponti, one of the most important Milanese residences in which Bramante's architecture blends with Luinesque style painting from the first half of the sixteenth century.

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